2023-05-21 Growth is Great

Published: Sun 21 May 2023
By Goran

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Growth is Great

Organic growth in the early summer is amazing. We have warm and pleasant weather (20-25C at noon, 10C minimum), so everything that is planted out is growing like crazy.

. Chestnut seedlings on an air-pruning table

The poly-tunnel is a mediterranean climate, of dry, warm weather. The figs thrive.

. We have 10 flavours of figs.

Happy as a hazel

The mother trees were cut short before planting out.

. This is the red-leaved variety "Red Zeller".

. *These small trees will be ready to plant out at customers' places in November. *

. These seedlings started out this year in the polytunnel and were transplanted earlier this week.

Berry promises

We inherited three berry bushes from the previous owners, and we have planted out twenty more. This year will give a modest harvest, but the gooseberry bush seems happy with the fertilization.

. The gooseberry bush is promising harvest in July.

What - growth??

This week, my first book comes out. It is a book in Swedish about looking reality in the eye, and how to crush the illusions we are fed from an early age.

One of the myths I dissect is "Growth is Great".

For me the disillusionment started when I realized the scale of Ecological Overshoot, based on the concept "Ecological footpring" by William Rees and Matthis Wackernagel.

. Humanity is overloading our planet since my birth in the middle of the 1970s.

We need to shrink our human negative impact on the planet (our footprint) and increase our positive actions (our ecological handprint). Let's plant more trees. Let's turn lawns into meadows, fields into forests.

Cornfields into organic nut orchards.