2022-11-02 Frost

Published: Wed 02 November 2022
By Goran

In Blog.


Last week we had the first frosty mornings and we just shifted from daylight savings time back to solar time. I hope this is the last time.

It seemed like a good idea in 1980, when it was introduced. It was done on the back end of the second oil crisis and the intention was to reduce energy consumption. It kind of worked the first couple of years when people could use slightly less electric lights during spring and fall. However, society rapidly shifted and there is no longer a measurable positive effect of having more light in the afternoons (and less light in the morning). We typically go to bed later nowadays and rise slightly later.

Anyways, the crisp autumn mornings when the first frost arrives are silent. The sun is coming up, but no insects greet her.


Therefore it is time to take care of the frost-sensitive plants. We got two kinds of Dahlia's from the previous owners, and now is a good time to dig them out and store them in the shed over the winter. If we get a mild winter it is not necessary, but if temperatures should drop for a longer period, the tubers would die of the frost.


I am doing a temporary job at a recycling industry plant 22 km away, and I often go there with my valliant steel stallion (e.g. electric pedal assist bike). Most of the track has a separate bike road, and in many places it meanders through the fields. Some of the apple trees are now shedding their last fruit, and I could stop by in the mist and collect the season's end.


Our small town has a very varied nature. Everything from salty beaches to temperate forests and plenty of fields. We also have a river that provides hydroelectricity for us. Upstream from the dam, the artificial lake is placid and peaceful.


In four weeks, I will go down to the Netherlands to pick up trees for the nursery and to fill out our empty fields. In preparation, I have built a sandbox for our sales outlet. I can now put bare-root trees in the sand, in a former garage, to keep them frost-free while they wait for the customer to come by and pick them up. I saw this at Linard's nursery in Souillac, and I thougth it was a brilliant solution to the icy-soil-problem.


I really look forward to having more trees here!