2022-10-26 New Found Friends

Published: Wed 26 October 2022
By Goran

In Blog.

Same, same, but still different

I moved out of this country 20 years ago and now I am back. Sometimes, it feels like time has stopped here in the countryside. Especially on a cold autumn morning with the first frost of the year:


We are here, my wife M and I, and it is peculiar to explore how society has changed. And how we have changed. It feels like a newfound land.

And with our new interests and perspectives on the world, we meet different kinds of people compared to how it was in the past. I grew up with a very techno-narcissistic world-view, but now I have realized the power of Nature and how much more fun life is with less tech. More real people, less online friends. (Of course I appreciate your reading of this online, but even more I appreciate when you come by for a cup of coffee.)

I have joined a group of climate activists who meet up once a month for a bicycle manifestation:


One of my old friends from the University also dropped by. He is one of the few with whom I still keep in touch. Most other old friends are busy with careers and consumption and cars. Not very inspiring. On the other hand, J runs a solar power installation company and has helped my dad with his solar installation. He also gave some advice on what we should put on our roofs.


I have also met lots of beautiful people who want to grow more nuts. The Agroforestry conference at Alnarp was amazing, and the Hazelnut workshop last week was also very good:


Our new found friends came over to peel chestnuts in our chestnut peeling machine, so we had a wonderful dinner together with fresh oven-roasted chestnuts. Delicious and healthy food for the autumn days.


We were also invited to a most amazing ecologic homestead, where the hens sing in the background and the bees still buzz, deep into the autumn.


I am grateful for the wonderful people we meet. This gives me hope. People who lead by example. Who show that it is possible to live well inside planetary boundaries. People who build amazing greenhouses and rootcellars. Who have competence and capabilities to teach others when time comes for a real transition.